Best Mattress For Side Sleepers 2021

Sleeping on your side is considered to be the most common sleeping position. There are significant benefits to side sleeping, including reduced back pain, improved breathing, and better digestion. It makes sleeping on your side beneficial for your overall health and well-being. Side sleepers often experience shoulder pain and lower back pain if their mattress is unsupportive or uncomfortable. A mattress contending to the body’s shape and provide pressure point relief is mostly considered the best mattress for side sleepers 2021. These features reduce back and shoulder pain while cushioning the body’s areas that press more in-depth into the mattress.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers 2021:

With so many different mattress types and features on the market, it can feel overwhelming to decide which mattress is right for you.

So here is a list of the best mattress for side sleepers 2021.

  1. Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11 Inch Mattress, Queen size
  2. Avenco Queen Mattress in a Box, 12 Inch Premium Bed Mattress
  3. Sweetnight Sunkiss 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress
  4. Codi 10 Inch Innerspring Hybrid Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress
  5. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size
  6. LUCID 10 Inch Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattress
  7. Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0 Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress
  8. Sleep Innovations Marley King 12 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  9. Novilla 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress
  10. Ashley Limited Edition 11 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress, Queen size

“A well spent day brings happy sleep.” — Leonardo da Vinci

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Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11 Inch Mattress, Queen size

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Avenco Queen Mattress in a Box, 12 Inch Premium Bed Mattress

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Sweetnight Sunkiss 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress
Zojirushi NP-HCC18XH Rice Cooker and Warmer

Codi 10 Inch Innerspring Hybrid Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress

Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size

1. Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11 Inch Mattress, Queen size

The best mattress for side sleepers has five layers, three in the comfort system and two in the support core. The comfort system’s top component is 1.5 inches of polyfoam that has a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot (PCF). This polyfoam generates a combination of bounce and conforming. The second layer is 1.5 inches of memory foam with a density of 4 PCF. This foam amps up the Leesa Hybrid’s pressure relief and motion isolation. The third layer is one inch of 2 PCF polyfoam that helps stop excess sinking into the bed.

The main component of the support core is a six-inch layer of pocketed innerspring coils. These coils are thick (14.5 gauge) and reinforced to be stronger around the perimeter. With pocketed coils, each spring is not directly connected to the others. Instead, they are put in cloth wrapping that is sewn together. This type of coil offers a significant step in tailoring to the body and reduces motion transfer relative to Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11 Inch Mattress, Queen sizetraditional innerspring coils.

Underneath the coils, the mattress’s final layer is one inch of support polyfoam with a density of 1.8 PCF. This layer contributes shock absorption for the coils and overall mattress stability.

The mattress cover is made with a cotton blend that feels smooth and helps wick moisture to fight to sleep hot. The combined feel of the Leesa Hybrid is Medium Firm (6). It has enough given to contour around pressure points but retains significant firmness and bounce.

When it comes to its price tag, the Leesa Hybrid falls within the middle of the pack for hybrid mattresses. It is not the cheapest, but it is also far from the most expensive. Given the quality components and design, it is a good value, especially when purchased with discounts often available through promotions or coupon codes.

The Leesa Hybrid is offered in all of the typical mattress sizes. Motion isolation on the Leesa Hybrid is right around average. The main factor boosting its motion isolation is the memory foam in the comfort system. The top polyfoam layer also has some ability to cut down on motion transfer.

That said, the bounce from the coils, even though they are individually-wrapped, makes it easier for movement to be felt across the surface of the bed. For the majority of people, this amount of motion transfer is unlikely to pose sleeping problems.

However, it may be an issue for people who are very sensitive to sleep disruptions and share a bed with someone who moves around a great deal or who frequently gets up and out of bed at night. The Leesa Hybrid provides slightly above-average pressure relief through its moderate conforming that can lightly cradle the body and its more massive impact points.

This balanced feel allows the Leesa Hybrid to appeal to sleepers with a diversity of sleeping positions and body weights. However, it does not offer the deep contouring and tailoring found on some other types of beds, such as the best memory foam mattresses. The customer reviews of the Leesa Hybrid note that heat retention is rarely an issue.

Because customers don’t sink too far into the bed, air can move around their skin, allowing for natural comfort cooling. Also, most of the layers are resistant to significant heat buildup. Memory foam can retain heat, but the layers above and below it are far less likely to heat up, and the airflow through the coils keeps the mattress well-ventilated.

For these reasons, the Leesa Hybrid has above-average temperature control and can meet most hot sleepers’ needs. The Leesa Hybrid effectively meets the needs of people who like to sit or sleep near the edge of the bed. Edge support begins with the innerspring coils that are sturdy and reinforced around the perimeter. The polyfoam layers in the comfort system also fight against substantial compression of the best mattress for side sleepers at the edge.

As with almost all mattresses, there will be more significant compression at the edge than the center, but there is plenty of stability on Leesa Hybrid to sleep or sit comfortably near the edge. Sleepers find that the Leesa Hybrid has substantial responsiveness, meaning that the bed quickly jumps back to its original shape when you remove your weight from it.

This characteristic keeps people from feeling stuck in one position and facilitates easy movement on top of the bed. This responsiveness derives mainly from the innerspring support core, although the polyfoams in the comfort system contribute to it as well.

After opening the Leesa Hybrid, it’s normal to notice a slight smell from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) created during the mattress manufacturing process. The VOCs are generally considered harmless, and the little smell usually fades away within a few hours in a well-ventilated bedroom. However, sleepers who are highly smell-sensitive may be more bothered and may detect the smell for a more extended period.

For the great majority of sleepers, off-gassing is not a problem on the Leesa Hybrid.

The Leesa Hybrid is a solid match for the majority of side sleepers. People in this position need solid confirmation to accommodate the excess pressure they place on the mattress around the hips and shoulders. At the same time, too much softness can cause side sleepers to bottom out on the mattress or to find that their hips and shoulders have sunk far lower into the bed than other parts of their body. With its mild contouring and Medium Firm feel, the Leesa Hybrid can deliver meaningful pressure relief without losing its structural integrity. A few side sleepers under 130 pounds may find it too firm, and a few over 230 pounds may find it too soft, but by and large, this is the right choice for side sleepers.

Back sleepers tend to have high levels of satisfaction when sleeping on the Leesa Hybrid. When lying on your back, it’s essential to have a firm surface that won’t let the pelvis and midsection depress deeply into the bed. Still, it’s also essential for the mattress to lightly cradle and accommodate the lower back curve. The Leesa Hybrid can strike this balance for back sleepers of any weight. Some people over 230 pounds who sleep on their back may prefer an even firmer mattress, though, because they may find that their midsection sinks further into these comfort layers than someone of a lighter weight.

The Leesa Hybrid can be a supportive and comfortable mattress for many stomach sleepers, although it is best suited to stomach sleepers with less than 130 pounds. As with back sleepers, people on their stomachs can find that their abdomen pushes too far into a mattress, contorting the lower back into an uncomfortable U-shape. Consequently, stomach sleepers benefit from a firmer mattress. With its firmness level, the Leesa Hybrid can meet stomach sleepers’ needs, but it may be a touch too soft for some, especially those over 230 pounds. Because people under 130 pounds don’t sink as far into a mattress, they are likely to find the blend of firmness, pressure relief, and bounce in the Leesa Hybrid to be an excellent fit.

  • The Leesa Hybrid is a luxury hybrid built with high-density memory foam and over 1,000 pocket springs.
  • Because the Leesa Hybrid is a hybrid, you will get a cooling effect when air moves through the innerspring coils.
  • Like many of the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers, the Leesa Hybrid uses a breathable top layer.
  • The Avena foam layer is perforated to increase airflow, which will keep you from overheating.
  • The Leesa Hybrid is a medium-firm mattress, more medium than firm. For example, it feels almost like the best memory foam mattress on top but has an innerspring coil center that keeps it bouncy and allows you to get in and out without getting stuck.
  • Leesa took edge support seriously when it designed the Leesa Hybrid. The combination of inner coils and high-density foam helps keep the Leesa Hybrid firm around the edges for sleeping, but not quite as firm and stable when you’re just sitting there putting on clothes or tying your shoes.
  • To find the perfect combination, Leesa Hybrid uses both innerspring coils and memory foam.
  • The Leesa Hybrid mattress is made with pocket springs and high performing foams in three different layers.
  • The cover is cut from a single piece polyester-blend fabric with soft 100% Egyptian cotton stitching.
  • That fabric covers a top layer made with 1.5 inches of high-density polyfoam (Avena Foam). This “comfort layer” has bounce and responds quickly to your shifts in sleep position. It is also drilled through with many small holes to help airflow through it. That helps to keep you cool.
  • The middle layer is the “recovery layer” made of 1.5 inches of a 4-pound density memory foam. This slightly softer foam will contour more easily with your body. The idea is, the better the contouring, the less tossing and turning you’ll do in an attempt to relieve pressure on the hips, thighs, shoulders, or back. That 4-pound density foam is higher than what is typically used in the industry, so it should help the mattress wear long and well.
  • The bottom three layers house the pocket springs and stabilizing foam in the “support layer.” There are 1,000 premium grade, 14-gauge steel springs for core support, sandwiched between two 1-inch layers of highly resilient foam. The individually wrapped coils are excellent at contouring to the body and relieving pressure and critical areas of the body.
  • The 1-inch high-density foam layers above and below the coils are the type you’d find at the bottom of a hybrid mattress to increase its ability to withstand wear and tear. It’s interesting to note that instead of a thicker, single layer, the Sapira uses two thinner layers.
  • The Leesa Hybrid trial period is 100 days. The 100-night trial makes the Leesa Hybrid a low-risk purchase. You can buy it, try it out for a couple of months, and if it doesn’t work, they send somebody to pick it up for you and give you a full refund.
  • The Leesa Hybrid warranty is a 10-year limited warranty against physical defects like sagging at least 1 inch. If your mattress sags at least one inch, Leesa will replace it for free, minus the shipping costs.
  • The Leesa Hybrid mattress comes compressed, rolled, and boxed. You will unbox the mattress, unroll it on your foundation, remove the plastic wrapping, and watch it grow. Because it weighs over 100 pounds in the queen size, you’ll need a buddy to help you wrestle it onto the foundation. Thankfully, the wait won’t take longer than 2-3 minutes of your time.
✔️It is Made in the US and ideally designed for a Medium-Firm feel.
✔️The Leesa mattress is a combination of three premium foam layers: the first layer is made of breathable foam, the second coat of memory foam helps to relieve back, hip, and shoulder pressure, and a final signature core support layer for all figure types and sleep positions.
✔️All Leesa mattresses wear iconic four stripe mattress cover.
✔️the cover is a highly breathable, virtually seamless mattress cover with no tapered edges, one of the most comfortable mattress covers on the market so that you can sleep well
✔️Cooling comfort: the exclusive microcell structured foam encourages airflow while still presenting the perfect amount of hug and bounce. So, you sleep more relaxed and get the comfort and comfort you need.
✔️Item’s Dimensions: 80″L x 60″W x 11″H;
✔️Item’s weight: 115 lbs.
✔️It Can be used with a bed foundation, platform bed or adjustable base
✔️Not only for the Side Sleepers but also suitable for the back and stomach sleepers
✔️Mattress Leesa gives excellent comfort and support
✔️Great pressure relief
There is no foul smell as well.
❌Stomach sleepers may not be pleased with the mattress as the firm bounce does create stress at the shoulders and stomach.
❌Additionally, the bed had excellent motion transfer movements, so it may not be the most suitable option for couples.
❌Fewer chances to hold heavy people
❌To some extent, the Leesa Mattress Price is expensive

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2. Avenco Queen Mattress in a Box, 12 Inch Premium Bed Mattress

The Avenco 10 Inch King Mattress combines open cells with gel-infused foam and is ventilated. It uses gel foam, for which the mattress naturally adjusts your body temperature and reduces body sweating to help you sleep restfully, whether in hot or cold weather.

This mattress has two wave-shaped airflow layers that provide excellent ventilation when dispersing body weight. Its high-density base foam helps to control and adjust your pressure points. Very comfortable and flexible for back pain, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Being a luxurious two-tier mattress creates a comfortable surface for sleeping at night, providing a Avenco Queen Mattress in a Box, 12 Inch Premium Bed Mattressbreathable, skin-friendly, and comfortable sleep. It is further divided into four parts: gel memory foam, luxury foam, airflow high-density foam, and airflow high-density foundation to protect the foam.

The mattress is covered by wrap-knitting. It’s compressed and packed in a box of top quality for ease of delivery and setup and sent to your doorstep.

Avenco queen mattress is here to offer you heavenly comfort. This innerspring hybrid mattress will give you a sound sleep by offering you adequate pressure relief, support, and a constant sleeping temperature. The premium medium-firm mattress has five independent pocketed innerspring for excellent comfort and support. Also, this best mattress for side sleepers is ideal for any sleeping position.

Avenco comes without any harmful substances, and it is fire-proof. This best mattress for side sleepers is a high-end unit that you should give a try. Purchasing this mattress is a great win for you if you wish to maintain a healthy and comfortable sleep every night. Have this as a gift idea for those you love.

It’s double airflow waveform layers to supply you with better ventilation for a cold night’s sleep all night. The gel-infused foam will help tons thereupon too.

Of course, there’s tons of pressure relief with this high-density foam, which is supposed to alleviate your pain by hitting the pressure points in your body good. That creates this best mattress for side sleepers great for stomach sleepers and side sleepers, especially if you’re experiencing pain.

To stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the night, this is the perfect queen-size mattress to pick. It boasts a 12-inch construction, which makes it ideal for its users. The gel-infused foam offers excellent ventilation and ensures that you have the best experience. With this mattress, temperatures remain low even when your body heats up.

The product also delivers support and excellent pressure management. For instance, the mattress features a double airflow design. Therefore, ventilation is enhanced. The high-density base layer guarantees unmatched durability and also conforms to your body contour. In the process, you experience ultimate relaxation.

  • Avenco premium 12-inch memory foam mattress queen is designed with gel-infused foam with open cells so that it’s ventilated to meet your needs. Gel foam naturally adjusts the mattress temperature to make you sleep comfortably while reducing sweat and perspiration during hot or humid weather.
  • The double airflow wave shape layers of this 12-inch queen mattress provide better ventilation while dispersing body pressure. Our high-density base foam relieves pressure points and conforms to your body, providing unparalleled support during the night. Suitable for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Say goodbye to Back pain.
  • Two plush layers of memory foam create a plush and comfortable sleeping surface for a more restful night’s sleep. The breathable and skin-friendly mattress cover provides increased comfort.
  • Four layers of CertiPUR-US foam for a safe and healthy sleeping environment. Three inches Gel Memory Foam, 2 inches Comfort Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Foam, and 3.5 inches Airflow High-Density Base Support Foam. Please allow this queen size mattress 24-72 hours to expand its full size. Sizes are subject to ±0.5 Inches.
  • Finished with a warp knitting fabric cover, this luxurious queen memory foam mattress is compressed and smartly mattress in a box for convenient delivery and setup. You have 100 nights trial and covered with Avenco 10 years support. Note: It is not compatible with the adjustable frame.
  • Gel-infused memory foam with open cell to disperse heat for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Detailed with a stretch knit fabric cover, the gel memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic, breathable, and skin-friendly.
  • The double airflow wave shape layers of this mattress provide better ventilation while dispersing body pressure.
  • High-density base foam relieves pressure points and conforms to your body, providing unparalleled support during the night.
  • A medium plush feel makes you sleep comfortably without sacrificing support.
  • Finished with beautifully tailored and detailed quilted knit fabric cover.
  • Sleep with cold technology memory foam, stay cool all night long.
  • Premium quality mattress, adjust to your body and sleep position.
  • All foams are CertiPUR-US certificates, safe for pregnant and child.
  • The high-density foam provides unparalleled support during the night.
  • Fashion design and easy to care, the cover is removable and washable.

✔️Any individual with any sleeping position can use this mattress.
✔️It is eco-friendly with no harmful substances and fireproof.
✔️Fully certified with CertiPUR-US foam for the latest sleep.
✔️Motion isolation for a peaceful, undisturbed sleep
✔️Offer better support and pressure relief.
✔️High-density base
✔️Medium plush feeling
✔️Excellent, breathable, and skin covering
✔️Exceptional relief of pressure and isolation

❌A little tough to handle

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3. Sweetnight Sunkiss 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress

Like all Sweetnight’s mattresses, this model provides a cooling sleep, targeted support, and a hypoallergenic design. So, what makes this model different? This mattress is two-sided, making it flippable for a soft side and a firmer side.

Depending on what side of the mattress you prefer, you have multiple options when it comes to your firmness experience. On the top side, the mattress has a softer feel, while the bottom has a firm side. While this feature of the model makes it unique, what lies within this best mattress for side sleepers makes it stand out even more.Sweetnight Sunkiss 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress

First, there’s a 2″ layer of gel-infused memory foam that works to keep you consistently cold throughout the night, followed by a 1″ layer of ventilated comfort foam.

In the model’s third layer lie four inches of a unique three-zone air-flow open-cell comfort foam. Finishing the mattress up are three inches of a high-density support foam that makes this mattress extraordinarily durable and helps resist sagging and rolling off. This mattress can be used with a traditional box spring or a modern minimalist platform bed.

The mattress comes in two options with are 10 and 12 inches, made of 4 layer construction. There is a flippable firmness with one soft side and one medium firm.

The all-foam SweetNight starts with a breathable polyester cover. The cover is thin and breathable to help the mattress sleep a bit cooler. Heat dissipation is essential as the SweetNight mattresses often feature memory foam, which tends to trap body heat.

With the firm side up on this flippable mattress, you find a firm layer of high-density polyfoam right under the cover. HD polyfoam is usually found at the bottom of bed-in-a-box mattresses as a support layer. It can help with spinal alignment for strict back and stomach sleepers when used as a comfort layer.

In the middle of the SweetNight, I find the support core for both sides of the flippable mattress—another layer of high-density polyfoam. Two layers of HD polyfoam help most sleepers feel on top of the mattress, and this layer also helps sleepers from sinking too far into the soft side of the mattress when the SweetNight is flipped.

After the second layer of poly foam, a layer of gel memory foam rounds out the three layers included in the SweetNight. If the firm side is up, as it is here, sleepers really can’t feel the slow response to pressure and body contouring that memory foam is known for. When flipped to the soft side, this layer lets the sleeper sink further into the mattress. The gel infusion draws heat away from the sleeper, which should be right for you if you tend to overheat during the night (but that only matters if the memory foam side is up).

  • Two thickness options: 10-inch and 12-inch
  • Multiple mattress sizes to choose from: Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • Affordably priced between $318 and $658
  • Body pressure and back pain relief
  • Motion isolation and coolness during hot summer nights
  • 100-days sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Comfort in all sleeping positions
  • Compatibility with all bed sizes, frames, and platforms
  • Conveniently compressed packaging
  • Free, contactless delivery across the U.S.
  • Sweet night Queen size mattress is designed to be flippable with a unique four layered & zoned foam design. Allow you to sleep on either side. It is like having 2 in 1. 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam on the top keeps you cool, followed by 5 inch of comfort foam, pressure points & keep the body balanced. Three inches of high-density support foam on the bottom for durability and performance, strengthen edge-to-edge support, resists sagging and roll-off.
  • The mattress queen size features a plush, soft surface that leaves you floating on a cloud, while the bottom offers medium Queen firm mattress support. Perfectly contour your body. Say goodbye to back pain. Plus, the Queen memory foam mattress eliminates motion transfer, controls motion to prevent localized bounce, so you can sleep through your partner’s tossing and turning and wake up refreshed. The Queen bed mattress is excellent for all sleeping positions.
  • Certi-PUR-us certified foam made without harmful substances like formaldehyde, mercury, or other heavy metals. The foam mattress’s cover is made with breathable Rayon cotton fabric, which naturally prevents the growth of stain and odor-causing mold and mildew. As with most new purchases, any “new product smell” that you may experience is harmless and will dissipate in a few days. Enjoy healthier sleep with this best memory foam mattress, Queen.
  • Our memory foam queen mattress is compressed and boxed, not only saving on shipping but making it much more manageable once it Arrives at your home. Easy to move through narrow hallways and staircases. Fits all frames, such as box spring, adjustable and slatted base, even hospital bed. Choose one comfort to your liking with the sweet night mattress.
  • With our exceptional, we have you covered. Our cooling mattress offers durability, performance, and peace of mind. Thanks to a 10-year limited. We offer 24/7 service. You can contact us at any time for support. We recommend sleeping on it for a few weeks to give your mattress a chance to “break-in” into the way you sleep.

✔️10-Year Warranty
✔️Great Motion Isolation
✔️Appropriate Back Support & Alignment


❌Possible Off-Gassing Smell at First
❌Available in the US Only
❌Online-only retailer

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4. Codi 10 Inch Innerspring Hybrid Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress

Designed to support your spine and reduce pressure points, this Sleeplanner hybrid mattress offers 10 inches of cooling comfort. Individually wrapped steel springs create a sturdy base, while three layers of gel-infused memory foam conform to your body and expel excess heat. Choose from four platform-friendly sizes.

The Cody Traditional Innerspring Plush Mattress is a budget-friendly mattress to support sleepers of all Codi 10 Inch Innerspring Hybrid Memory Foam Queen Size Mattresspositions. A comfortable option if you have kids or overnight guests, at a price that won’t break the bank! This best mattress for side sleepers includes plush quilting foam to support your body contours and give you that soft plush feeling you enjoy!

Combine that with a firm foam layer, and you are sure to get the perfect balance of adequate support and soft plushness. If you’re looking for a comfortable, plush mattress at an affordable price, this is an excellent option. It also includes a 7-year warranty.

  • The spine stays aligned all night, which is a comfort for back, side, and stomach sleepers. The hybrid memory foam and four-zone innerspring mattress design have the top foam layer that contours to your unique body shape, while the reinforced coils in the bottom uphold your weight from caving in on itself. It is rated to support up to 285lb+.
  • Most full-size mattresses are either stiff as a rock or so flimsy that your body sinks in too much, which relocates your spine, hips, and shoulders out of alignment. The Codi full mattress has a comfortable firmness rating of 7 for a medium plush and is built to last. We roll test our mattress 800000 times with a 140kgs weight to ensure unparalleled durability and performance.
  • You’ll find countless heartbreaking reviews of people who have inhaled harmful fiberglass that caused irritated skin and breathing problems. Not so with code. We kept your health our #1 priority! Keeping the bad out and making our foam mattress hypoallergenic.
  • The mattress Is Certi-Pur-US certified.
  • Never again disrupt your sleep because of the volcanic heat permeating from your old, crusty, full mattress. Our breathable top layer of Tencel fibers ventilate heat away from the mattress’s surface and are cool to the touch. No more waking up in the middle of the night in a sweaty mess or worrying about mold growing in your mattress!
  • While most foam mattresses fall flat or lose their shape in weeks, forcing you to buy all over again, our hybrid memory foam mattresses are engineered in a CertiPUR-US lab, all wrapped in our sturdy reinforced coil design – so it’s guaranteed to last you years or we’ll replace it hassle-free at no charge to you!
  • 5 inches of individually-wrapped steel pocket coil springs
  • Three layers of high-density, gel-infused memory foam
  • Hybrid design
  • Medium comfort
  • Reduces pressure points
  • Improves airflow and expels excess heat
  • It evenly distributes body weight.
  • Suitable for side, stomach, and back sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Certipur-US certified
  • Bed slat and platform friendly
  • Available in 4 sizes

✔️Luxury materials and thick mattress designs that are generally comfortable initially.
✔️Wide range of memory foam and hybrid mattress options with multiple firmness choices.
✔️Very affordable mattresses are available in both innerspring and foam designs.
✔️7.5 inches of individually-wrapped steel pocket coil springs
✔️Three layers of high-density, gel-infused memory foam
✔️Hybrid design
✔️Medium comfort
✔️Reduces pressure points
✔️Improves airflow and expels excess heat
✔️It evenly distributes body weight.
✔️Suitable for side, stomach, and back sleepers
✔️CertiPUR-US certified
✔️Bed slat and platform friendly
✔️Available in 4 sizes


❌Not very durable as compared to other mattresses

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5. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size

The Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress has been designed and manufactured for those people who would like to have head-to-toe comfort while at the same time keeping their spine aligned properly. It also provides a high level of support and keeps the sleeper at a very comfortable temperature. These are the basic features this incredible mattress has to offer.

On top of these, it allows one to sleep deeply without getting disturbed. The sleep provided by this bestSleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size mattress for side sleepers is so deep and comforting that it lets one sleep through all such rumpus. It is 12-inches thick, and it is packed with comfort, support, and the ability to impart profound rest, enabling one to get up the next morning feeling fully refreshed and energized.

The mattress has got two layers. The top layer is a 2.5-inch layer of SureTemp Memory Foam. The bottom layer is a 9-5-inch Support-Plus Foam. Thus, the top layer provides all the subtle characteristics of memory foam like body-contouring, pain and stress relief at pressure points, and the sleeper’s ability to get a very comfortable sink, which is aptly supported by the lower support foam base.

The top layer of visco-elastic memory foam results from years of innovation and product development over the past fifty years during which memory foam mattress is no longer a novelty as they were in the past. They are now quite popular as they are affordable and offer an excellent alternative to the ubiquitous coil spring beds.

The progress over the last twenty years in terms of better product development has resulted from continuous innovation and technological advancement over these years. The invention of the memory foam mattress goes back to the 1960s when there was a space race between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Many highly innovative and beneficial products were discovered as a result of this competition, and the visco-elastic memory foam was one of these innovations. It was initially developed for NASA in 1966. It was required to deflect and cushion the health effects of gravity, which was experienced by astronauts at the time when their spacecraft took off and when it re-entered into the atmosphere.

Many consumer and medical-related benefits were realized for this innovation. Later, a public company got the rights to sell memory foam and introduced mattresses with memory foam in the 90s. The mattress industry had not had any particular innovation that would transform the sector’s outlook for the last 100 years. With this introduction, the mattress industry went through a watershed moment.

The sale of memory foam mattresses has been rising ever since. In 2019, the memory foam mattresses were responsible for 2000 sales of mattresses on an industry level, and this figure is fast increasing by the day. As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, the memory foam mattresses are rated as the highest.

The 2.5-inch layer of SureTemp Memory Foam offs a lot of benefits. This layer allows one to get pressure point relief. Initially, memory foam had been introduced into the medical field because of this property. This layer helps protect, cushion, and comfort individuals who lie down on the mattress and release a lot of stress from such pressure points as the hips and shoulders.

When a person lies in a particular position for a long time and does not move, the gravity exerts pressure downwards at the bedding provides an upward resistance that opposes the gravitational pull downwards. The person lying on the mattress is affected by these forces, and these issues, as well as the blood circulation, might get involved. The use of memory foam enables the prevention of sores, and it also reduces the pain in sensitive areas.

The pressure-relieving benefits of the memory foam layer in this best mattress for side sleepers help prevent pressure sores and minimize pain in sensitive areas. As one lies down on the top layer of this mattress, the layer yields underneath the body and adjusts to the body’s shape. It does not force the sleeper to contour to the bed.

The coil spring beds usually push back the body upwards. The memory foam layer does not place any untoward upward pressure on the body. The mattress’s top layer enables the mattress to accommodate all types of sleepers, which include back, stomach, and side sleepers. The memory foam layer has been designed to cradle and mold every part of the body relatively evenly. This feature allows one to settle down in the most comfortable position without involving any pressure points.

For back sleepers, the memory foam layer curves itself to the spine’s shape and thus provides a high level of lumbar support. It leads to relaxing the back. As far as side sleepers are concerned, the memory foam layer fully accommodates their hips and shoulders and supports the waist. It allows the spine to remain relatively even. As for the people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs, this 2.5-inch layer of memory foam helps their backs to take the right shape and relieve pressure points.

The 2.5-inch memory foam layer of the 12-inch mattress also minimizes the waves produced by motion on a traditional foam mattress. It disturbs couples in particular. If the teams have different sleeping schedules or if they are light sleepers, this could be troubling. The memory foam layer in the mattress ensures that the memory foam would absorb the motion and isolate it and not transfer it to the rest of the mattress area. If one rolls over or even gets out of bed, the sleep partner would not be jolted or bounced around.

The mattress’s bottom layer is a 9-5-inch thick Support-Plus Foam, which provides the necessary pushback or support to the top layer of the bed and the body. It is thick enough to provide adequate support to the sleeper and sleep partner. The support foam base is a higher density foam that replaces a coil spring base in all-foam mattresses.

It does not allow the body to sink into the mattress and provides the necessary push back and support to ensure that sleep is both comfortable and supportive. The mattress also includes a Quilted Soft poly-cotton blend mattress cover, which provides a high level of breathability and the mattress. It enables the moisture and sweat to be wicked away by circulating airflow through the quilted body. It ensures that the sleepers’ remains and cool even in warm summer nights and the winter nights; one stays warm and dry.

The Shiloh 12-inch best Memory Foam Mattress allows one to enjoy the comfort and ergonomics of the mattress design when he/she drifts into a deep and sound sleep in any sleeping position, and this is true for all types of sleepers whether they are average size or have got larger body types.

One gets the best night’s rest, and the mattress enables perfect and personalized spine alignment as well as pressure point relief. The mattress top layer made out of memory foam cradles the body with its Duo Comfort Design, which includes both the 2.5-inch layer of memory foam and the 9.5-inch supportive layer. On top of these, the beautiful and nicely tailored quilted cover, which offers a highly luxurious feel, comforts further with its high breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

The overall feel of the mattress is medium feels, and this provides head-to-toe comfort. The sleeper gets up the next morning after a deep and comfortable rest and feels completely rejuvenated and energized to face the hectic day ahead.

The mattress provides support to every part of the body very evenly and on a personalized level. It spreads weight across the entire surface of the mattress. The top layer contours to the body and supports his/her lower back, which allows the spine to stay in a neutral position throughout the night. The level of comfort, therefore, with this best mattress for side sleepers is relatively high. Like the ones with materials like coil springs, many other types of mattresses generally concentrate the weight on springs that are pressed as they are contacted with the body.

Because of this, hips, shoulders, and heels get the most weight. It means that both the back and the side sleepers sleeping on a coil spring mattress would not have the necessary support on their lumbar areas. It could cause such severe issues as lower back pain as well as increased tension in the muscles. Thus, the best memory foam mattress performs better in this respect, and it keeps one more comfortable as a result of the mattress’s ergonomics.

The comfort level is further enhanced as the memory foam layer in this best mattress for side sleepers does not heat up. It eliminates a lot of potential discomforts. The cell walls of the memory foam have been strengthened with the help of technology, and they cause airflow through the sleep system and keep the temperature of the mattress at a desired and comfortable level.

This temperature does not increase during sleep, and this way, the sleeper feels comfortable throughout the night. For people who sleep hot, they can always add a mattress topper to the mattress, and this way, they would have a cool and dry sleep throughout the night.

  • Dual-layer design: 12” mattress features 2.5” premium Suretemp memory foam top layer and 9.5” long-lasting base foam.
  • Cloud-like comfort: Advanced Suretemp memory foam gently conforms to your body shape, providing pressure relief and motion isolation for undisturbed sleep
  • Refreshing sleep: Each foam layer is hypoallergenic, naturally keeping your sleep space fresher, longer
  • Just right for every type: Whatever your sleep position or body type, the medium-firm feel of Shiloh provides all-night comfort that leads to all-day energy
  • Made in the USA: Our foam is proudly made in the USA, and CertiPUR-US certified
  • Perfectly packaged: Shipped directly to your door and easy to unpack so it’s set up in minutes; shipping box design and product tag color may vary; double sealed packaging for your protection.
  • 3,650 nights guaranteed: Rest easy; The Shiloh comes with a 10-year warranty, so you sleep secure for years to come
✔️The mattress has got a beautiful and breathable cover.
✔️The memory foam layer of the mattress is body-conforming and relieves pressure points.
✔️Memory foam in the mattress does not let allergens or dust mites to live or thrive in the mattress.
✔️Mattress relieves pressure and stress from pressure points like the hips or the shoulders.
✔️The mattress carries a 20-year limited warranty.
✔️Manufacturer can either repair or replace the mattress within the warranty period in the United States and Canada.
❌The mattress does not have any gel-infused foam, or bamboo charcoal infused foam, etc. for enhanced breathability, temperature regulation, etc.
❌Some people state that it loses firmness after a few years.
❌Some people find it too firm for their taste.

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6. LUCID 10 Inch Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattress

The LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress is one type of hybrid mattress that highlights Dunlop latex’s perks and quality features, designed to give you the best sleep the night before and a genuinely rejuvenating morning.

When a deep, quality slumber seems to be a luxury nowadays, the best way to ensure a good night’s rest is a top-of-the-line mattress. Among various types, hybrid-latex is on top of the scale when it comes to comfort and firmness.

The bouncing, responsive feel with plush comfort is also an excellent choice for green and health-conscious buyers being CertiPUR-US certified.

There are two essential layers for the LUCID 10” latex hybrid mattress. The thick foundation layer LUCID 10 Inch Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattresshighlights the high-density base viscoelastic foam, and the 7-inch base creates ample support for the latex layer and protects your pressure points to avoid body aches and pains.

On top of the thick, dense base layer is the conforming latex. The springier and softer 2-inch latex gives an impression like you are floating only because there is no sinking feeling. However, the latex foam offers enough “push back,” thus curving and conforming to your weight. The latex layer is known for its quick loft recovery, not losing its shape as it adjusts to your body form, leaving no indentation. This ventilated layer offers better airflow and making your sleep cooler and wake up all refreshed.

The LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress offers the best of both the high-density base foam and the ventilated latex foam layers. Most latex best mattresses for side sleepers do well without top covers because latex is easy to personalize to cater to your desired softness. However, the 10” LUCID latex hybrid mattress gives more with its soft cover made from patented Tencel blend fabrics.

The cover’s inner material is 50% modacrylic fiber and 50% glass fiber. The top surface is 90% polyester and 10% Tencel lyocell. The blend of the fabric cover creates that feeling of coziness while maintaining a breathable, airy comfort.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. An independent third party has tested the product for content, environment-friendliness, and physical performance. The LUCID latex hybrid mattress is carefully constructed without prohibited materials such as ozone depleters, phthalates, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and formaldehyde. The approved foams also contain low Volatile Organic Compound. Thus, there are minimal to no off-gassing emissions to maintain indoor air quality.

The LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress delivers comfort and support at the same time. The medium feel of the hybrid mattress offers just enough resiliency and responsiveness. The ventilated layer provides improved temperature control. Thus minimal heat-trapping may occur, and generally, you feel relaxed and comfortable after long hours of sleep. The patented Tencel blend fabric cover is humidity-controlling, creating a cozy, airy feel. Just like any latex hybrids, the 10” LUCID mattress somehow encounters issues when it comes to edge support. The far edge of the bed may not provide excellent support; however, it could perform above average when it comes to the mattress’s general support. Overall, the thickness and firmness of the mattress offer good motion transfer and no noise. It absorbs movement so that you don’t disturb the person sleeping next to you.

The medium-plush mattress offers a softer sleeping experience while ensuring that your body’s pressure points are well-supported and protected. You wake up without back pains, shoulder pains, neck pains, and other discomforts. It is an excellent latex hybrid mattress for those with orthopedic or spinal problems.

LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress helps you sleep more undisturbed with its ventilated latex foam layer. The high-quality Tencel soft cover is also hypoallergenic and naturally antimicrobial. You tend to sleep better and healthier.

A latex mattress is significantly costlier compared to other foam mattresses. All-latex mattresses, for instance, are quite expensive compared to their latex hybrid counterparts. Latex is not constructed through traditional bedding technology. It’s manufactured from a collected and processed rubber tree sap. This process makes latex mattresses pricier than others.

The price range for the 10-inch LUCID latex hybrid mattress depends on the mattress size. Some of the available sizes on the market include Twin/Twin XL, Full/Full XL, Queen, King, and Cal King.

The LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress is ideal for heavy persons, but it could be an issue for lightweight individuals due to its firmness. The latex hybrid mattress is also an excellent choice for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Some side sleepers may have difficulty, especially if you want a much softer bed.

LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress has a 120-day trial period. You can check if the mattress is your perfect match or return it within 120 days to get your money back. The product is shipped to your address for free if you are within the United States. You will receive the mattress and mattress toppers vacuum packed for easy transport and setup. Place the mattress in the room where it will be used before carefully removing the protective wrap and outer packaging. The mattress will expand to its original size and shape.

LUCID products offer an excellent price/quality ratio and provide satisfactory comfort. The 10” latex hybrid mattress comes with a 25-year warranty. It covers any defects in artistry or materials. However, wear and tear and regular changes in the resilience and softness of the product are excluded. Warranty applies to the original purchaser only.

  • The excellent combination of latex foam, coil, and memory foam will give you a fantastic sleeping experience.
  • The support foam and steel coils will provide vital support to all sleeping positions.
  • This Lucid 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress can isolate motion; you can’t feel your spouse’s movement during sleeping.
  • This Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress is hypoallergenic, breathable, and healthy. All the foam and materials are certified.
  • You can get this highly comfortable and supportive mattress at a very affordable price.
  • You will get the following available sizes with this Lucid 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress such as Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, etc.
  • The Lucid Company offers a 10-year warranty with this mattress. You can use this best mattress for side sleepers for more than ten years.
  • 5-inch, high-quality steel coils are individually-wrapped to increase airflow, isolate motion, and conform to individual sleep styles
  • The plush memory foam layer is topped with natural latex for the perfect combination of sink and spring.
  • The perfect mattress for those who want the comfort of memory foam with the hypoallergenic and breathable properties of latex
  • Attractive, two-tone cover finishes the elegant look of this best mattress for side sleepers, backed by a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box for simple setup; easily fits through narrow hallways and staircases.

✔️This could be an excellent option for back sleepers. The bed has a medium. Firm feel that’s supportive enough to elevate back sleepers’ hips in line with their spines, while also providing a touch of body-contouring and pressure relief.
✔️The Lucid Hybrid has outstanding edge support. It could be the right choice for larger folks or partners who want to utilize their mattress’s full surface.
✔️This is a great value mattress, for the quality of construction and materials; we’d say this is one of the best values out there.


❌Some people might find the mattress sleeps a little hot. It is common with memory foam mattresses. If you’re worried about overheating, consider latex or innerspring bed.
❌This might not be a great fir got strict stomach sleepers. The memory foam allows sleepers to sink more deeply into the mattress as the night goes on, which means stomach sleepers’ hips might drop in too far into the bed and throw the spine out of alignment. Strict stomach sleepers might want to look into firmer options

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7. Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0 Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress belongs to the class of cheap memory foam mattresses, but the quality provided for this price is more than excellent. The thing that makes it different from other products is the price itself. It is a bit above the cost of the cheap memory foam mattresses. Yet, it is much less than those products offered at department stores.

Like 90% of memory foam mattresses, this one comes in all possible sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen,Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0 Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress King, California King. Of course, they all differ in price, but all consist of the same 14-Inch memory foam combination. It provides the best comfort and the best quality.

Few memory foam mattresses are thicker than 13 inches. However, this best mattress for side sleepers goes a step forward and offers a 14-inch solution. The first layer is 2-inch thick. It is located on the top of the bed is a Cool Gel memory foam layer, and its purpose is to welcome you on the mattress and adapt to you when you lie down. Furthermore, the Cool Gel keeps the body temperature constant regardless of the season.

The second and third layers are also 2-inch thick each. Their purpose is also to adapt and support the first layer. They are also made out of memory foam, and their comfort level is significantly increased due to their existence.

Finally, the lowest layer is a base layer, and it is 8-inch thick. It has several purposes, and the most important is support. Its thickness and quality will lower the motion transfer to the minimum and ensure that the edge support is excellent.

The foam is certified with CertiPUR – US certification. It means that it has undergone severe testing and analysis and passed all the standards needed for the US market. Apart from this certification, Classic Brand mattresses are also a part of the Smart Packaging movement. This movement is based on reducing carbon emissions when shipping. Mattresses are roll-packed and take up far less space than usual. It directly affects the number of mattresses that can be sent and the amount of carbon released into the air during their shipping.

Apart from the certificates, memory foam used for Classic Brand products is new on the market. It consists of interconnected cells that adapt to your body and let the airflow in and out of the mattress without obstacles. It is essential when it comes to the bed’s temperature and smell.

Finally, the mattress is covered with a knit white cover that has a contrasting border.

At first, what can strike you is that Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress will be a little firmer than expected. Many mattresses are advertised nowadays as extra soft, cloud-like products where people feel like they were in heaven. Sadly, the reality is a bit different, but not for worse. The firmness of this mattress may be the best thing that happened to your sleep because once you get used to it, you will be thankful for it.

The mattress is silent, and, as previously mentioned, the motion transfer is minimal due to the excellent base layer, which holds it all together. It also affects the edge support, making it virtually eternal.

When it comes to sleeping experience, the users report no apparent problems. Most of them claim to be sound asleep while on this best mattress for side sleepers. But there is always one thing that most of the memory foam mattresses have – an odor. When your mattress arrives, you will have to wait for a couple of weeks before the smell is completely gone. If you’ve already used a memory foam mattress before, you must be familiar with this slightly unpleasant experience.

To sum up, this memory foam mattress is a product that will go beyond all your expectations. It will give you a type of sleep that you haven’t had in years. What may be surprising to you is how firm the mattress is. But, once you get accustomed to it, you will not worry about it anymore. The mattress is most suitable for people who side sleepers. However, other types of sleepers are going to enjoy this mattress as well for a long time.

The shipping is free via Amazon, and it can be shipped anywhere in the US. The mattress arrives tightly packed, and you get a present as well. If you choose Twin or Twin XL, you will get one memory foam pillow. Furthermore, if you choose Queen, King, or California King, you will get two memory foam pillows. When it arrives, carefully open it and give it a couple of days before it expands to its full 14-inch thick size. Warranty is for 25 years – 10 years full warranty and 15 years pro-rated.

  • 39″ W x 80″ L x 14″ H
  • Premium pressure-relieving memory foam and high-density aerated cool gel memory foam are combined to provide the essential support and comfort for a deeper night’s sleep
  • Beautifully tailored and detailed with a stretch knit fabric cover with waterfall edge and matching knit side panels
  • Gel-infused ventilated memory foam creates a plush and comfortable sleeping surface for a more restful night’s sleep; high-density base foam relieves pressure points and conforms to your body, and provides unparalleled support during the night
  • High-quality memory foam conforms to your body while the cool gel regulates temperature; memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and is CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions, and durability
  • Medium-Plush Feel with Firm Support and Adjustable Base Friendly; 10-Year Warranty
  • BONUS Shredded Memory Foam Standard Pillow FREE!
  • Mattress ships compressed, rolled, and shipped in a bag conveniently delivered to your door for easy set-up; frame/foundation/base not included
  • 5 Star Customer Service; Available 7 days a week

✔️the mattress has acquired a cold gel memory foam in the upper layer, which assures comfort and coolness during the night
✔️the mattress is breathable, temperature adjusting, and moisture-wicking.
✔️The mattress is hypoallergenic due to the application of the gel-infused of two of its two stories.
✔️Mattress alleviates pressure points and significantly bears the side sleepers whose hips and shoulders are under pressure
✔️the mattress displays a 10-year confined warranty.
✔️Mattress has made two lavish pillows of standard size as a bonus
✔️the mattress allows a high level of uprightness and support
✔️Variety of materials, firmness levels, and prices
✔️Lower price point than luxury versions with similar construction
✔️More resilient foam to prevent tossing and turning
✔️Cool gel regulates temperature.
✔️Naturally, antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites.

❌more people think that it has more of a medium-firm feel rather than plush
❌many people feel that it takes a couple of weeks before the mattress’s odor is wholly dissipated.

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8. Sleep Innovations Marley King 12 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A versatile design can be a real advantage when it comes to gel memory foam mattresses- with the ability to choose an option that is tailored to your preferences is always welcome. This gel memory foam mattress is available in three profiles- 8 inches high, 10 inches tall, and 12 inches high- to suit anyone’s budget and need for support. The thinnest option is suited for petite or those that need a mattress for a guest room. The thickest 12-inch profile is suited for heavier sleepers, side sleepers, and those that want some extra support from their mattress. In contrast, the 10-inch gel memory foam mattress will suit most sleepers. The Marley is the best memory foam mattress from Sleep Innovations.

Depending on your desired thickness, the mattress can have a firmness of either medium or medium-firm. The firmness of this best mattress for side sleepers makes it the right mattress for all sleep positions. However, it is essential to keep in mind that firmness is subjective – what some consider firm, others may consider medium-firm or even medium.

The Marley is an all-foam mattress. A benefit of foam mattresses is that they excel at motion isolation. Sleep Innovations Marley King 12 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam MattressMotion isolation can be an important factor in buying a mattress for those sharing a bed with a partner or pet that tosses and turns throughout the night. The ability to isolate this motion means that you are less likely to be disturbed by the active sleeper lying next to you.

On the contrary, all-foam best mattresses for side sleepers are also known for low airflow, leaving many users complaining of getting too hot to sleep through the night. Sleep Innovations uses a type of foam that encourages airflow and includes cooling gel memory foam to aid in temperature regulation. It helps you have a cold night’s sleep on the Marley.

Foam mattresses are also known to help with pressure point relief while sleeping. Taking the weight off the user’s body, foam mattresses contour to the user’s skeletal frame by allowing you to sink into the mattress slightly. Combining the pressure relief and firmness associated with foam mattresses, the Marley is the right choice for many sleepers.

According to Sleep Innovations, the foams used are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. It also treats its mattresses with an antimicrobial finish intended to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, the Marley is a mattress worth considering if you have allergies. The Marley is a bed-in-a-box CertiPUR-US certified foam mattress. The mattress is made in three thicknesses: 8, 10, and 12 inches. The 8-inch-thick memory foam mattress has a medium firmness, and the thicker 10- and 12-inch-thick versions have a medium-firm feel. The Marley price ranges from $248 to $427 for a queen, depending on the level of thickness you desire.

The Marley is a foam mattress composed of three layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam wrapped in a quilted poly-cotton mattress cover. The top layer of the mattress is made of gel-infused foam. The middle layer is composed of Sleep Innovations Air Channel Foam, which works in combination with the cooling gel memory foam to improve airflow and comfort. The bottom layer of foam is a 6-inch support layer.

The Marley is a foam mattress made in three thicknesses: 8, 10, and 12 inches. The 8-inch-thick mattress has a medium firmness, while the thicker versions are considered medium-firm. The Marley is made up of three layers of foam underneath a soft quilted poly-cotton blend cover. The top layer features a cooling gel memory foam.

The middle comfort layer features air pockets to promote airflow and minimize heat buildup. The bottom layer of high-density polyfoam provides a supportive base. The Marley mattress by Sleep Innovations runs medium-firm and is ideal for most sleepers for various sleep positions. It has two layers of foam — a cold gel memory foam top layer and a firm support foam bottom layer.

  • Polyester Quilted Cover
  • Top-rated: Named U.S. News & World Report’s Best Budget Mattress of 2020.
  • Triple-layer design: 12” mattress with 2” cooling gel memory foam, 3” air channel foam to optimize breathability, and 7” premium base foam for durability and edge support.
  • Fresh and cool comfort: Hypoallergenic design keeps your sleep space fresh. Made with gel memory foam and ventilated airflow channels provide cool, comfortable rest.
  • Pressure-relieving support: Medium-firm support with all-night comfort with responsive memory foam for pressure relief and motion isolation for undisturbed sleep.
  • Made in the USA: Our foam is proudly made in the USA and CertiPUR-US certified.
  • Perfectly packaged: Shipped directly to your door and easy to unpack, so it’s set up in minutes. Shipping box design and product tag color may vary—double sealed packaging for your protection.
  • 3,650 nights guaranteed: Rest easy. The Marley comes with a 10-year warranty, so you sleep secure for years to come, and CertiPUR-US certified.

✔️Unmatched comfort and support
✔️Doesn’t get hot
✔️Good edge support
✔️Suited for back pain and side sleepers
✔️Made in the USA
✔️CertiPUR-US certified
✔️Backed by 20 years of warranty for peace of mind


❌Not firm enough for some people
❌On the softer side
❌Not so good edge support

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9. Novilla 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress

This Novilla 12” memory foam mattress is a premium option at an affordable price. It is designed using four different foam layers to provide maximum cooling, comfort, and balanced support, which address common sleep problems such as tossing and turning, sagging, back pain, and sleeping hot. The gel-infused memory foam slowly adjusts to your body weight and temperature to regulate the temperature and offer pressure relief.

This CertiPUR US certified memory foam is safe to use and promotes healthy sleep due to being hypoallergenic. This queen best memory foam mattress is compressed in a box and smartly shippedNovilla 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress to your door for convenience and easy setup. It comes with a 10-year warranty against any defects. Novilla is known for its hybrid foam mattresses shipped directly to your doorstep.

Their 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress keeps you cool and avoids painful pressure points. They put the firmness at a medium, and many reviews on Amazon confirm that. So if you like a little squish in your bed, this might be the one for you.

Novilla’s construction on this best mattress for side sleepers utilizes a lot of different foam technology. The base is a 4-inch super dense foam for a foundation, topped by a 4-inch of air circulating foam, which looks like crocodile teeth. One layer up from that is 2-inches of their Smart Airflow low-density foam, and the closest layer to your body is a gel memory foam.

Wrapping the top of the mattress is Novilla’s Bamboo Rayon Fiber material, enhancing breathability and soft touch. Finding a mattress that works for all the sleeping positions can be challenging, but it is possible with Novilla Vitality full-size mattress. It with cooling gel memory foam and a medium-firm core support system provides each sleeping position with a fair amount of support, from the stomach to the side to the back, to keep the body and spine aligned.

Novilla hybrid mattress limits the motion transfer you feel from partners or pets that move during the night, the pocket spring work independently of each other so that a combination sleeper’s partner will not be disturbed when they change positions, fast response foam with just enough bounce so that moving in bed is easy without feeling stuck.

Novilla innerspring mattress is made with high standard components and eco-friendly materials certified by CertiPUR-US to contain no toxic chemicals, no formaldehyde, low VOCs, and no ozone depleters. The mattress comes compressed and rolled for shipping and set up so convenient your kids can help.

This universally comfortable mattress makes relaxing easy. The bed is recommended 72 hours for air out and reshape. You can enjoy your restful sleep with our mattress, which is covered by a 10-year limit and 30-days money-back return policy.

  • The mattress is designed with four different layers of foam to provide you with a cloud-like experience.
  • No health risks thanks to CertiPUR-US certified memory foam,
  • Gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.
  • The high-density foam conforms to your spine and evenly distributes your body weight to relieve pressure.
  • It reduced motion transfer between partners for the optimal sleeping pattern.
  • Skin-friendly bamboo rayon fabric, which is hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial.
  • The bamboo fabrics covering the mattress enhance breathability by 30%.
  • Machine washable bamboo cover for simple care.
  • Suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • Fits all bed frames, e.g., box spring frames, bed foundations, adjustable beds, hospital beds, flat platform, etc.
  • Rolled and compressed for shipping; easy to move through narrow hallways and staircases, easy setup.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Note: Please allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and for any potential odors to dissipate.

✔️Innerspring system
✔️Individually wrapped coils
✔️Will come to its full shape naturally.
✔️Hybrid design
✔️Excellent 10-year warranty
✔️The right balance of high-density foam and softness
✔️Well-made and durable construction
✔️The hybrid mattress gets the benefits of multiple materials


❌It might be too firm for some.
❌Can be heavy and difficult to move

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10. Ashley Limited Edition 11 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress, Queen size

Luxury comfort leads to luxury rest. This Limited Edition plush mattress soothes your body with cottony softness on the cover. Packed inside are layers of support foam and gel memory foam to relieve your pressure points. Rows of power-packed wrapped coils help reduce motion transfer. An excellent solution for side sleepers, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed every time. Foundation/box spring available sold separately.

Ashley Furniture, otherwise known as Ashley Home store, is a well-known global furniture retailer and manufacturer that also craft its brand of mattresses, Ashley Sleep. Within this brand, Ashley offers bothAshley Limited Edition 11 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress, Queen size innerspring and best memory foam mattresses. However, with low prices, there are reports of durability issues over a short period.

Ashley crafts a variety of best mattresses for side sleepers under the brand Ashley Sleep. These include both innerspring and memory foam options. With various low price points and firmness options to choose from, sleepers looking for temporary mattress options may find what they are looking for. However, there are some complaints from customers about durability issues for these mattresses.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore manufactures Ashley Sleep mattresses, which consist of innerspring and memory foam options. Overall, their prices are very competitive, but there are some complaints about the durability of customers. It means that these options may be ideal for temporary solutions.

The Limited Edition Plush mattress has a medium supportive feel; we rate it a four on our 10 point Comfort Scale (a 1 is hard, ten is softest.) This best mattress for side sleepers is on the firmer side of medium, but it’s still appealing to most people. If you happen to like a very firm bed or a bed that feels softer, you should consider other models.

We pressure tested the Sierra Sleep Limited Edition Plush mattress and will publish our results soon. The bed will be tested with large, medium, and petite body types.

This bed is more ideal for people who are back sleepers. Because this is a medium-firm bed, side sleepers with larger bodies may find this to be a little uncomfortable.

1.5″ Super Soft Quilt Foam is all about comfort; it gives you that plush soft feel that makes this bed so comfortable. This material “hugs” you as you sink into the bed’s plush layers of luxurious comfort. 2-inches Zoned Plush Support Foam remains soft while conforming to your body. ‘Zoned’ means that the material is designed to be firmer or smoother under different smoothers of your body, so it provides proper pressure relief.

It helps to cut down on tossing and turning through the night. 1/2″ Gel Memory Foam is A layer of premium gel memory foam that provides extra support and durability to the center 3rd of the mattress where you need it most. It offers additional support for the lumbar region of your spine for proper alignment.

Power-Packed Individually Wrapped Coil System of 680 15-gauge Power-Packed Wrapped Coils conforms to any body type giving you stable support. These coils are compressed before they get wrapped in material, so they provide more consistent support under your body for extra stability.

  • Product dimensions – 79” L x 59” W x 11” H | Product comes in Firm, Pillowtop, or Plush styles, that differ mainly in overall comfort and is often tied to sleeping patterns| Choose the one that fits your needs better
  • Your ticket to luxurious comfort. For side sleepers, this mattress’s foam layers are a perfect match for feeling well rested with its combination of wrapped coils and gel memory foam
  • While the foam layers cradle your body in comfort, the 4-way stretch knit cover is a dream to lay on for kids and adults alike
  • Designed with layers of support foam, gel memory foam for pressure point relief, and power-packed wrapped coils to reduce motion transfer
  • Any new product will expand within minutes and can have a mild scent upon unboxing that will dissipate in a few hours in a well-ventilated room | Remove packaging within 72 hours, and allow an extra 48-72 hours for proper decompression

✔️A high thickness of memory foam
✔️CertiPUR-US certified foams
✔️Stress test results prove this bed is excellent for back sleepers.
✔️Great value for the price
✔️Easy and quick shipping
✔️The ultra-plush mattress is a solid build and presents enough support. With generous relief for your neck, head, and spine, the bedding outlines your body well.
✔️It is clear from all kinds of allergens and is also perfect for adults who are suffering from any allergy. There is no foul smell as well.

❌A few bodies find this high-quality mattress too firm and even connect it to a hard wooden floor. Some even fussed about the appearance of fiberglass in the bedding.
❌The mattress slopes more top its sides, and the firmness may cause some pain to the body initially. Further, it starts sinking soon after you start using it.
❌The firmness and discomfort it causes may give birth to sciatica, which is dangerous.
❌If Ashley Chime’s hybrid mattress has any shortcomings, and sleeping warm could be one. It has light gel memory foam, but that harms heat preservation. The soft memory foam layer neutralizes the minimum impact of gel foam. Of course, most people wouldn’t have difficulty. If you’re a hot sleeper, you may feel overly warm. But it’s not a big deal. A pad could solve it.
❌lesser premium materials are used than similar models
❌Bed-in-a-box can take up to 2 days to fully refund to the proper size already opened.
❌Foams exude an odor that can take a short while to go off completely.

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As you can see for yourself, there genuinely are quite a few things that you would have to consider when it comes to picking up the best mattress for side sleepers 2021. The awkwardness of the sleeping position requires you to react adequately and to make a particular choice to prevent any further complications.

We genuinely hope that the information we’ve laid out above would provide you with the necessary assistance when deciding to go up against this challenge. We hope that you can make the right purchase without having to go through an abundance of different mattresses and waste a few days on it.

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