Types Of Hybrid Mattress

Types And Features Of Hybrid Mattress

These are the three types and features of hybrid mattresses that you can choose from:

Types And Features Of Hybrid Mattress


A real hybrid mattress features a pocketed spring coil layer as the support base and a thick comfort layer made of latex or memory foam. For a bed to be considered a true hybrid mattress, it needs to have at least 2 inches of memory foam or latex. However, this thickness and ratio to the support layer may vary depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. Read our complete review on Best Hybrid Mattresses


A semi-hybrid mattress is a hybrid mattress with a spring coil layer, topped with a comfort layer of memory foam or latex, further enhanced with another layer (pillow top or Euro top). This top layer can be made with cotton, polyurethane foam, additional memory foam, fiberfill, latex, or wool.


These are hybrid mattresses that do not have spring coil layers but are instead made of different foam kinds. The usual combination is a high-density polyurethane foam that acts as a supportive base and a memory foam top layer for enhanced comfort.

Types And Features Of Hybrid Mattress

Features of High-Quality Hybrid Mattresses

These are the qualities that you need to consider when choosing hybrid mattresses.


A mattress’s firmness will affect the support that your body will have and the comfort you will experience while staying on this surface. It is estimated that approximately 8000 people prefer a medium-firm hybrid mattress that provides a comforting softness and a fully supportive firmness that keeps the spine in proper alignment to prevent discomfort even when sleeping for long hours.

The firmness you prefer may also be influenced by your sleeping position and other physical characteristics such as weight, with heavier individuals more likely to benefit more from using a firmer mattress.


It is essential if you tend to sleep warm. While foam mattresses are known for retaining heat, a hybrid mattress addresses this issue with an innerspring coil layer that keeps the air flowing freely to prevent heat from being trapped within. This heat is instead allowed to dissipate before it can make you feel overheated while you sleep.

Other hybrid mattresses come with additional cooling features such as gel beads infused in the material to help regulate the temperature so you will always have a comfortably cool surface to sleep on. Other brands have uniquely designed foam with holes or multiple cells that keep the air circulating to discourage heat retention. Find out Best Mattress For Kids 2022.


Appreciating the benefits of a hybrid mattress may take a while, especially if it will be your first time using this type of mattress. Studies show that it may take at least 30 days for your body to get used to sleeping on a hybrid mattress.

An asleep trial should need this minimum period for a sleep trial to ensure that your body has adjusted to this type of surface, making it easier for you to decide to have a hybrid mattress in your home for the long run.


A reasonable warranty period for hybrid mattresses can vary in length, anywhere from 10 years to a lifetime limited warranty. When looking at the warranty details, it is essential to check the coverage rather than just focusing on the length of time of the coverage itself.

It is always good to note which conditions are covered by the warranty, such as sagging or indentation on the mattress surface. The warranty should also specify the rules for mattress shipping and replacement whenever applicable and the steps that need to be done to facilitate such claims.


Most hybrid mattresses will cost more than foam mattresses, but given the high-quality materials used, the choice is a sound investment you will most likely enjoy for a long time. The spring coil layer works as a more heavy-duty base for the entire mattress, making it more durable than a mattress with a pure foam base. You can expect to spend years of comfortable sleeping on a hybrid mattress due to its strong and long-lasting materials that make this choice a worthwhile investment.